well this is a post about how I borrowed an expensive digital camera from my college, then stupidly left it unattended and then it got stolen and now I am in a crisis and will have to pay for it, so I am pleading to the internet to consider buying my art-

 I halved the price on all the original paintings I have up on etsy, (those are the images above)

and (the automated sale ended) I lowered my prints all down to $5 - $10

and I am selling all the originals of those black and white drawings I made for my ‘zine’ type books, the information and a lot of the images are linked from this post, but I will try and gather them all in another soon.  

(& because I am hoping to resolve this problem quickly , if someone wanted to buy many of them,  we could figure out a great discount.

if you are interested in those, email me at sleetmaa@gmail.com

also, I will sell that huge black velvet and glitter landscape, but due to its size it would be trouble to mail, but if you want to make an offer, please email me!

Thanks so much for looking/reading, and I would immensely appreciate any kind of ‘signal boost’/reblogging 

(if even for just like 5 minutes, then you deleted it, I would be so grateful)

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    HELP SOPHIE OUT. I just bought something from her and you should too since she’s one of my favorite artists xx
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    hey help sophie out she makes great art
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